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You Just Never Know

My friends, I’m still here.  I think.

This year is speeding by faster than I can keep up.  It started in Tucson, Arizona, followed by a visit to Salvation Mountain in Southern California, followed by sightseeing in Munich and sledding in Bavaria, a visit to London and Glastonbury, a visit to the Parthenon in Athens, and my first trip to Lesvos Island, Greece as an independent volunteer.

Fortunately, during that trip I found my way to Molivos, on Lesvos Island, where I made many new friends including a male Lesbian Valentine.  After leaving Greece, I made my way to Portugal and onward to the United States where I hopped aboard the Ringling Brothers Circus Train in Virginia, followed by a visit with family.  Soon, I was on my way to Portland, Oregon to spend time with my best friend and complete bartending school.  I then returned to Southern California for family and recouping time.

By May, I was back in Molivos and what started as an innocent friendship with the Lesbian shepherd, developed into a full-blown romance which I have been hesitant to write about because it feels so precious.

California plums and blue sky

My 2016 horoscope foretold it, but I didn’t expect it would be accurate: “This, Scorpio, is your year.”  Damn right!

Needless to say, writing about life has been impossible because living it has been all consuming. This year, it seems I’ve struck the vein of positive cosmic kismet and every meeting and opportunity that’s come my way has been perfect, easy, fun and amazing.  Maybe there is something to horoscopes?

A chance meeting on the circus train introduced me to an opportunity to help out on a California farm/homestead, which is where I’ve been for many weeks.  The experience has been enlightening and rewarding and I’ve met characters I couldn’t even dream up, proving that one does not have to travel far to have their world-view altered or find inspiration and adventure.  As a sidenote, being disconnected from the media in this increasingly negative time has been a relief.  I highly recommend a fast from the “news” to renew your spirit as it has mine.

California Dreaming

While I was away, I was pleased to be interviewed about travel hacking, or my hobby of collecting frequent flyer miles, by Million Mile Secrets.  I hope to be a resource for anyone interested in the hobby.  For me, it’s been a life changer.

Also, one of my photographs was featured on, an invaluable resource for single travelers and worth a bookmark as a travel resource, especially for female solo travelers.

Now, I’ll be heading back to the mountains for a month or two more of learning and bliss and then plan to take an all-American roadtrip with a very special guest, the Lesbian shepherd.  Can’t wait.  Once again, life has presented a gift that I never could have expected.

What I find so amazing, and what stuns me into deep gratitude again and again, is that with an open mind and heart, I am being carried effortlessly down this shimmering stream — my stream — the stream I never would have found if I hadn’t crawled hopelessly from the pool that never suited me.

You just never know.


  1. Laura! If you’re doing a road trip with Stellio (spelling?) please include my place in Texas on your itinerary! I would so love to catch up! ~Diane

    • Thank you Diane. I will certainly be in touch. So fun to have friends all over the world, isn’t it?!

  2. Love receiving updates, Laura. Best wishes with the burgeoning romance and ongoing adventures!

  3. So glad to hear this! Love reading your stories…

    • Thanks Mickey for being a faithful reader and supporter. 🙂

  4. Good was the rock chic hat that helped you find romance.x

    • Could have been Gerry! It’s a great hat!

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