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Wisteria Bloom in Molyvos, Greece

While I’m working on a longer post about living in Molyvos, a small village on Lesvos Island in Greece, I had to share this recent Wisteria spectacle with you.


Every spring, in a flashy but brief display, pink and purple wisteria flowers pour over the cobblestone shopping street in Molyvos.  Nature’s offering is so total, so generous, and so fragrant that when you round the corner and glimpse it for the first time, it takes your breath away.  It seems a shame that in March and April few people are around to witness it, but the flowers don’t bloom for our sake, but for their own.  With spiraling trunks more than a foot wide, one can imagine this blooming marker of time has reminded countless generations that warmer weather is on the way.


Wisteria in Molyvos


Wisteria in Molyvos


Wisteria in Molyvos


Wisteria in Molyvos


Wisteria in Molyvos


Wisteria in Molyvos


  1. This place is breath-taking! This will be my next travel destination!

  2. Gorgeous photos !!

    • Thanks. Glad you liked them!

  3. These are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing them…OH MY GOSH!!

    • I wish we had smell-o-vision already. The fragrance was amazing!

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