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From Tokyo to Thailand and Beginning A Healing Journey


The seven-hour journey from Tokyo to Bangkok was simple enough but jarring upon arrival; I went from winter-cold to a sweltering heat that reminded me of tropical Jeju Island, South Korea in August.  I spent one night in loud and chaotic Bangkok before continuing on to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, where I’ll be staying for one month to focus on my health.


My primary goal here is not to sightsee, which might seem disgraceful to those who vacation, but I need to accomplish mundane tasks while on the road.  As mentioned previously, I’m trying to get my health in order.  Without a home, I go where I can afford to do that and that’s certainly, and unfortunately, not in the United States.  With Thailand offering a one-month visitor’s visa, I have little time to spare in cleaning up shop.


Beautiful doors

Beautiful doors in Chiang Mai. Balance is beautiful.


I decided on Chiang Mai for a variety of reasons.  First, Chiang Mai has world-class medical facilities that cater to westerners as well as locals at much more affordable rates than in the United States.  Second, it’s the vegan/vegetarian mecca of the world with abundant cheap produce due to its tropical climate.  It’s a walkable city which is a great plus.  The internet is fast and well-connected.  Many international digital nomads have made Chiang Mai home so I’m figuring the cultural obstacles won’t be too high.  And finally, it’s a city with a lot of history so I expect I’ll learn a lot and have fun exploring.


Outside a temple

Happy monks outside a temple.


I have some simple health goals for the next four weeks in Chiang Mai:

  • Stop smoking (Yes. Again.)
  • Detoxify my body.
  • Lose weight.
  • See a thyroid specialist.
  • Get preventative health care tests done.
  • Get specific lab work done to determine the cause of some of my issues.
  • See a dentist for checkup and cleaning.


To accomplish these goals, I will:

  • Walk everywhere. No tuk-tuks. No taxis or buses.
  • Eat 95% raw foods, fruits, and vegetables.  Reduce dairy and bread to less than 5% of my diet.  No alcohol.
  • Drink 3 liters of water a day (which is 2.9 liters more than I drink now).
  • Visit a thyroid specialist.
  • Complete at least one juice fast of three days or longer.
  • Utilize Chinese medicine and massage for detoxification purposes.
  • Reduce cigarette consumption gradually until ceasing and avoid nicotine replacement products.
  • Learn how to meditate and do so for a minimum of 10 minutes a day.


Can someone vastly improve their health in just 28 days?  Follow along and we’ll see.


Thais believe some spirits live in trees (similar to elves) andthey adorn these special trees with colorful fabric.

Many Thai people believe spirits live in trees (similar to elves).  The people adorn these special trees with colorful fabric.


Pictures from my First Days in Chiang Mai, Thailand:



  1. Loved your fascinating posts on Tokyo and your depictions of a land so different from our own. Hope all goes well in Thailand…looking forward to updates on your efforts to improve your health! Hugs❤

    • Thanks Diane! It’s been quite an experience. More to come!

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