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Strolling through Dongmun Market – Jeju City, Jeju Island, South Korea

The third time on the bus was the charm!  I made it from the south side of the island to the north, back to Jeju City and I did not get lost!  In a few years, I might get this Jeju bus situation down.  But alas, today is my last day on Jeju for a few weeks.  I will be heading off to New Zealand tomorrow.

Today, I walked around Dongmun market.  I saw many tangerines and vegetables (mostly sea vegetables) that I have never seen before.  And lots of fish.  There were silver fish (eels?) that were so brilliantly silver they looked like they were made of mercury.  Stunningly beautiful!   A little photo journey through the market…

Entrance with grandfather statue

Entrance to the market with grandfather statue.  The grandfather statues have something to do with fertility.  You will notice their phallic shape.  I am told that women who want to get pregnant rub the noses of the statues.  Consequently, many of the oldest grandfather statues have no noses anymore.

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