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South Africa’s Garden Route: Great Brak and Mossel Bay

A rock hyrax a.k.a "Dassie"

A rock hyrax a.k.a “Dassie”. The closest living relative of the elephant! Say what?!

South Africa’s Garden Route

After a lot of driving through stunning passes and roads covered with low shrubs, pines and eucalyptus, we arrived at Joan’s Place, a relaxing hideaway overlooking a river that flows into the sea and the warm ocean just a five minute walk away.  Birds of all kinds are everywhere.  What a peaceful oasis.

This night (and every night) we enjoyed a braai, which is a barbecue in American lingo.  South African’s take their braais seriously.  This vegetarian did not partake in the meaty dishes but did work on making a special salad which is easy given the abundance of fresh produce here.  Vegetarianism is easily practiced in this part of the world.

On our first full day in the area, we took a ferry ride through shark infested waters to Seal Island in Mossel Bay.  Over 2500 seals live on this one rather small island and it was fun to watch them frolic and laze about.  I must say though that these seals could work on their hygiene.  Glory, glory what a stench!  Can we freshen up a little, seals?

We spent the rest of the day meandering around the Mossel Bay area.  Stunning ocean and great company.  Plenty of opportunities to enjoy the delicious local wines and an ice cream cone too.

The owner of Joan’s Place is not Joan, but Glenda, a friend of Darren’s and a former Capetonian who fled the city for the peaceful Garden Route.  I was lucky to enjoy her company the following day when we went to the Birds of Eden Bird Sanctuary and the Knysna Elephant Park.  More to follow.

Photos of the Garden Route:

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