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Solitaire, Namibia: A Quick Stop in Another Dimension

Solitaire, Namibia is a Strange Place

Already it had been a long day, rising before the sun to climb a sand dune in the Namib Desert and visiting Deadvlei in the intense sun.  We then headed back to camp to pack up our tents, have lunch and hit the road.


American Cars in the desert.

American Cars in the desert.


I did not appreciate the live scorpion found under our tent. Although it was small compared to the scorpion found under our neighbor’s tent.  Be thankful for small wonders?


Best Apple Pie in Namibia

We traveled 144 kilometers through the Namibian desert before arriving in Solitaire, a tiny town truly in the middle of nowhere. The entrance to the town is flanked by old American cars and features a gas station, a lodge, a campground and a bakery that touts the “best apple pie in Namibia“.  In the middle of the desert!


American car


The owner of the bakery, Moose, died a month earlier and his plot lay in the center of a garden.  Fake flowers, still bright despite the Namibian sun, decorated the fresh grave.


The apple pie was delicious.  What a surprise!


Photos of Solitaire, Namibia:

Disclaimer: Nomad Tours offered me a discount in exchange for documentation of the experience.  I have complete freedom to share my thoughts.  All opinions are my own.

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