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South Africa’s Route 62, Cape Town to Barrydale

I’m sure you’re here to check out the results of the Tabasco experiment.  That would only be natural.

Unfortunately, due to the disappearance of the aforementioned free Tabasco i.e. athlete’s foot medicine, this very important research was halted and I can not provide you with conclusive results.  I can tell you that I barely slept during the first night of the experiment due to a pulsating “fire toe” which made me aware of pain nerves that I did not know I had.

I’ve read that all great breakthroughs require struggle and so I will persevere.  More results will be forthcoming.

Touring Route 62

Barrydale, South Africa

Barrydale, South Africa

The last four days have been so action-packed I can not possibly recount the many details.  But I will do my best to explain the highlights.

Day 1: Cape Town to Barrydale

Darren and Rob and I set off to pick up the fourth party on our road trip, Marlene, who was a kindred spirit and fun person to be with.

Shortly after leaving Cape Town, traveling on Route 62, we were in the thick of natural beauty, traveling through gorgeous mountains, including the Du Toitskloof Pass.

We enjoyed several stops along the way for wine tasting and even brandy tasting at Klipdrift Distillery.  The hot sun put a damper on my lushyness so I stopped tasting and fought my car narcolepsy problem the rest of the way to our destination.  Put me in a car and I will fall asleep.  Except when I’m driving.  In that case, I’ll stay awake.  Promise.

Ronnie's Sex Shop

Ronnie’s Sex Shop. No takers.

On the way we stopped at a lonely tavern in the middle of nowhere: Ronnie’s Sex Shop.  Legend has it that when it first opened, it was a farm stall selling fresh produce.  The owner’s friends pulled a prank and added “SEX” to the name.  Given that it was the local hangout already, the prankster friends suggested that Ronnie open a pub.  And the rest is history.  It’s been a popular tavern ever since.

Finally, we arrived in the tiny, funky town of Barrydale.  This town reminded me so much of Bolinas, California a few decades ago – lots of artists and a cool, mellow vibe nestled in natural beauty.

We stayed at the Tradouw Guesthouse.  There couldn’t possibly be nicer people running the place.  It has lovely gardens and decor and really special for me: a room of my own!  A treat.  They also have a pet pig, an old-fashioned bar for guests and a beautiful courtyard for relaxing.  What more do you want?  Nothing.

That night we enjoyed the best meal I have ever had in a restaurant at Mez Karoo Kitchen in Barrydale.  Who would think that this tiny town would produce a world-class dining experience?  If you ever get to Barrydale, don’t be a fool.  Go there and eat.  You’re welcome.

The next morning we enjoyed a good breakfast at Tradouw Guesthouse and meandered about the town, stumbling on a produce exchange, an exotic lamb, a weaving studio, and a coffee shop with delectable carrot cake for pennies.  Barrydale is my kind of place.

Photos of the Day:


  1. Ha Jayne! Ointment from a pharmacy?! You must be mad! The point of the “experiment” is to cure myself with what’s free and on hand. I think it worked. The pain distracted from the itch!

  2. Tabasco? Woman! life offers you enough ‘gifts’ without you adding to them. Her is my top tip. Athlete’s foot is a fungus so the best treatment is a probiotic which is why some people smother themselves (depending where the fungus is) with bio live yoghurt. Its cool and soothing but I have no idea whether it works. You could always go to a pharmacy and by the appropriate ointment…just a suggestion.

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