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Good Times in Regensburg, Germany

Regensburg in Bavaria

The Danube River and Regensburg in Bavaria, Germany

Following the Bavarian pilgrimage, the professor, the students and I returned to the professor’s home, right outside of Regensburg.

We had lovely days together which included:

  • several trips to the nearby lake for swimming,
  • great dinners at home with copious beer and homemade limoncello (yum!),
  • a visit to the historic old city of Regensburg,
  • attending a church service,
  • a visit to Regensburg Dom (Cathedral),
  • a walk in the forest to search for foxglove flowers,
  • an evening at a beer garden and
  • a trip to the Walhalla Monument to view the Danube River from above.

For tired pilgrims, we packed a lot in!  The professor and his wife were exceedingly generous in all ways and my gratitude is immense.

Regensburg is a beautiful city.

As one of the few German cities that was mostly unscathed during WW II, it retains the charm of two-thousand years of architecture and culture. The whole medieval center of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site; a must-see.

I’m glad my crazy adventure took me to Regensburg. And I had a wonderful time in Germany, much to my own surprise! Certainly, it’s a place I hope to visit again.

Photos of Regensburg, Germany:

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