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Lesvos Refugee Aid Fundraiser Follow-up: Thank You!

You guys are the best!

A gigantic thank you to my readers and friends who donated a glorious $1525 (€1350, based on the day’s currency exchange) to refugee aid through my fundraiser.  I was able to distribute your donations, before all this went down, and your generosity has probably already been appreciated by refugees in the form of food, clothing and blankets.

I gave $1000 (€900) to the Dirty Girls of Lesvos

I was fortunate to meet with Alison Terry-Evans who founded Dirty Girls of Lesvos to give her your donations personally.  Dirty Girls (and boys) launder refugee clothing and blankets that were previously left at the beaches or camps and disposed of.  After cleaning, they supply the clothing warehouses with fresh clothes, sleeping bags, and blankets.

Not only does this provide size-appropriate and modesty-appropriate clothing to refugees but it has saved Lesvos from environmental disaster by keeping these items out of landfills.  For months, they have been washing up to 3000 blankets and up to 3000 kilos (6613 pounds) of clothing per day at a cost of roughly €10,000 ($11,165 US)/day!  That’s amazing!

A sock-pairing party with the Dirty Girls of Lesvos

A sock-pairing party with the Dirty Girls of Lesvos

Alison just made a trip to Athens and will be visiting refugee camps throughout Greece to assess the need for similar services elsewhere.  The work of the Dirty Girls of Lesvos will be ongoing.

Alison’s Message for Us:

Donation From Laura Scott and Friends
: €900

Thank you for your kind and generous donation which allows us to continue our work.
Because of you we are able to wash, dry and deliver to incoming wet and cold people the following clothes:

  • 300 children’s warm jackets – €400
  • 600 pairs of socks – €100
  • 250 warm hats – €50
  • 600 warm scarves – €150
  • 80 adults warm jackets – €200

We are grateful for your donation, but there are many people who will wear the clean, dry warm clothes and will be even more grateful!

Best wishes,
Alison Terry-Evans
For Dirty Girls of Lesvos Island

I gave $525 (€450) to the Starfish Foundation.

This is the organization I worked with in Molyvos and I chose them as a recipient because I’m impressed with their adaptability, responding to the crisis in whatever way is needed that day.  With the situation changing so rapidly, moving quickly to provide aid is essential.  Starfish has its hands in many beneficial projects.  Last week, volunteers were frantically distributing food, raincoats, and clothing to refugees boarding the ferry and those stranded here on Lesvos.

The Starfish Foundation, like the Dirty Girls, will continue supporting refugees whether it’s on Lesvos or elsewhere.

Donate to Starfish Foundation

Thank you again for your generous financial support.  You have made a difference.


  1. Dearest Lady,
    It has been a sheer pleasure to read of your adventures and see glimpses of the grand voyages and providential meetings you have crafted from your travels. I do hope your time in Germany, Greece and Portugal has provided you with even a fraction of the enjoyment you have delivered through your writing. I look forward to more.

    Yours always,

  2. So glad to hear from you and how the donation worked out! Safe travels….

    • Thanks Mickey and thanks for your contribution.

  3. Nice going!!!

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