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A Quick Walk Around Rajka, Hungary and Meeting My Group

Peppers for breakfast

Peppers for breakfast

Breakfast at Adam’s Horse Farm in Hungary

The day starts with a lovely breakfast which Adam serves to me alone in a small kitchen.  Pulling out all the stops, I am presented with coffee, bread, marmalade, honey, a sweet spread, sausages of three kinds, milk, and a basket of peppers and tomatoes. 

I’ve never had peppers for breakfast but today is a new day and I’m in Hungary.  The peppers are mild tasting with no heat whatsoever.  The milk is so incredibly sweet and rich that it doesn’t occur to me until after I drink a full glass that it might be half-and-half.  This milk is not even related to what we find in stores.

I shower, and the Border Collie herds me into the stall staying with me throughout the process to be sure she doesn’t lose me.  Showering with a dog is a first for me as well!  Showering with a dog in Hungary?  I don’t think that will be a repeat performance.

Cemetery in Rajka, Hungary

Cemetery in Rajka, Hungary

The temperature grew hotter throughout the day but never reached the hell of yesterday.  Thankfully!

Into the Village of Rajka

I head into the tiny village of Rajka (population 2700) for a look.  There are two major attractions in Rajka; a Catholic church built in the 1300’s and a Lutheran church built in the 1700’s (unfortunately both closed).  I stumbled into the cemetery and was impressed by how immaculately it was kept.  Some graves dated back to the mid 1800’s and some stones were erased of names.  I took lots of pictures, including pictures found on headstones so you can see what the people look like here.

Upon returning to the horse farm, I speak with a girl who is visiting her horse.  She explains how things have gotten worse in Hungary because of immigrants (from Syria) but that it is worse in Slovakia because the government is more lax.  She is telling me that Hungarians are very different than Slovakians.  In her view, Hungarians are better people.  Slovakians are all about money.  As she is talking, it occurs to me that this is the same story, different place,  As humans, we are always trying to point the finger.  Always trying to divide ourselves.  Why?

Meeting Others

Adam soon informs me that other PeaceWalkers have arrived.  I introduce myself and discover that these two young women are Ruth and Laura from….

Washington DC, USA!

Friends who met in college, they came to walk for one week before returning to work.

Shortly after, another couple arrived, a man and woman from…

Connecticut, USA!

I’m shocked that we are all Americans.  I expected at least one German for antagonization purposes!

I will be the only one in the group going the whole way to Trieste, Italy so we’ll see how that works out.

My Mistake

And…it turns out that I made a big error.  Somehow, when registering, I misunderstood what was considered “Day One” of the walk and so I inadvertently left a day early. 

Had the EPW known I was walking solo I would have been advised to join a group.  So guess what?  This was MY group. 

I was the fifth person!  Pleased to meet you, me.

We enjoyed an afternoon getting to know each other and an evening meal which started with Adam presenting grape schnapps and a toast of “Egészségére!” (to your health).

Yes! Egészségére indeed!

The group and Adam

The group and Adam serving shnapps.

Photos of the European Peace Walk: Adam’s Horse Farm & Rajka, Hungary:

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