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Snapshots from Lesvos Island, Greece

The main street of Molyvos on Lesvos Island in Greece retains its village charm with no Starbucks, fast-food chains or big-box stores in sight.

The main street of Molyvos, Greece is quiet and perfect for strolling.

Fig trees line the major road along with spectacular views of the Aegean Sea and the undulating coast of Lesvos Island. 

Figs and Sea in Molyvos

Butterflies are out in full force in May.  They especially like the thistles in full bloom.

butterfly on Lesvos Island

Everyday, the shifting seas and clouds provide a new breathtaking view.

Sea and clouds you can look at forever.

In the mountains, time stops, and the worries of the world seem far away.  Wildflowers provide temporary delight.  There are so many splendid walks in Lesvos.

The timeless mountains of Lesvos.

So many species of plants, birds, and animals are unique to Lesvos.  The biodiversity of Lesvos makes it a must-see destination, especially for birders.

Art in nature on Lesvos Island


Beautiful plant in Molyvos, Greece

Local residents include thousands of sheep. Each wears a bell, making sweet tinkling mountain music wherever they go.  This typical bell was found in the shepherd‘s dilapidated barn.

Sheep's bell in Molyvos, Greece

Built on a hill, Molyvos provides great views around every corner.  As well as stairs. Lots of stairs!  

In Molyvos, great views are around every corner.

Little touches of charm are everywhere. Leafy branches are tucked into windows and doors for Easter and remain there in late May.

Lacey curtains in Molyvos

Morning Glories shine briefly and beautifully until sunset. Then they close up shop.

Morning Glories in Molyvos

Eating breakfast from a high perch in Molyvos is a daily joy. Here, a view of the main street and the harbor far below.

Eating breakfast from a high perch in Molyvos is a daily joy.

Most residents of Lesvos are Greek Orthodox.  Lighting candles in the tiny chapels is often a daily practice and the way to expedite a prayer.

Most residents of Lesvos are Greek Orthodox and lighting candles in the tiny chapels is a common way to expedite a prayer.

One gets a bird’s eye view from the high mountain roads on Lesvos.  Olive trees cover the hills for as far as the eye can see.  It’s estimated that there are 11-million olive trees on Lesvos Island!

Olive trees forever on Lesvos Island

The sunsets on Molyvos are spectacular. With a glass of Lesbian wine and the company of new or old friends, there isn’t a better show.

The sunsets on Molyvos are usually spectacular.

At night, the castle of Molyvos is illuminated.  The lights of harbor-side restaurants create a magical, romantic scene.

Molyvos, Greece at Night

Fresh produce is abundant. These delicious plums were gathered from a generous tree beside the road.  Thanks tree!

Delicious plums gathered in Molyvos, Greece

One of my favorite dishes is zucchini flowers stuffed with rice, local cheese and herbs.  Served with yogurt and fresh mint. Wow.

Zucchini flowers stuffed with rice, cheese and herbs. Wow.

Vegetables are grown in small gardens and picked the day they are served, which makes for outstanding salads.  Vegetarians have no difficulty eating well on Lesvos.

With vegetables grown in small gardens and picked the day they are served, the salads are the best in the world.

This magnificent flower growing out of a rock wall exemplifies the beauty, despite adversity, that is found throughout Lesvos Island. 

There is beauty despite adversity as evidenced by this flower growing out of a rock wall.


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