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Palma, Mallorca, Spain – Day One

Finally in Mallorca, Spain!

Finally in Mallorca, Spain!

I am exhausted from my flights.  Five hours in the Dusselsorf airport for a layover is too much.

I leave the Palma airport and Jamie surprises me from behind with a bear hug.  We look at each other and both start crying.  It is good to see him.

We take the bus into the old city of Palma and I am blown away by the architecture.  It is so ancient and beautiful in the old city.  Narrow, cobblestone streets and beautiful old houses with green shutters and balconies.  The magnificent spires of the Cathedral of Palma are towering over us.

Jamie has found us an attic apartment in the city.  Just a few meters from the ancient Arab baths.  Up 52 marble steps and into the attic apartment we go.  Drop my stuff and we set off to get a bite to eat.  Cars bravely drive the streets, barely making it through the narrow passageways.  I notice that nearly all the cars have scrapes along the sides.

We arrive at a restaurant with a Frida Kahlo theme oddly enough and sit outside in the sun.  I order a sangria – “when in Rome”.  We catch up and enjoy the beautiful weather and the fact that we are together again.  So many months, and in my case years, planning for this moment.  And finally, here we are, together in a far-off country.  Our journey just beginning!

Jamie in Mallorca

Jamie in Mallorca

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