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Preparing to Meet Opportunity with Open Arms


It’s only September but this year has already been amazing.  Overseas travels to JapanThailand, Croatia, and Greece and domestic travels to Portland, San Francisco, North Carolina and Los Angeles, have filled me with memories, stories and new perspectives.  The romantic relationship that was quite a shock to this solo traveler, has blossomed.


I’m thinking about my goals for next year, where I’d like to go, and how I’m going to make that happen.  Any traveler knows that even plans made for tomorrow are likely to change, but there is power in pointing in a general direction.  While I’m too superstitious to share my big hopes at this time, from the hints I’ve gotten about next year’s adventure possibilities, I want to be ready to embrace them with open arms.


“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

— Seneca the Younger


Everything has a season and now I need to buckle down spiritually, mentally and financially to accomplish my goals.  That means this blog, this labor of love, will be on hold for a bit while I’m largely in digital detox and focusing my energies elsewhere.  I hope to emerge after a few months revitalized and ready for the next adventure opportunity.  Please subscribe if you’d like to receive my posts when I begin blogging again.  That would be swell.


As always, thank you for your support and readership and stay tuned for the next chapter.


Preparing for opportunity.



  1. I already miss you.

  2. Wow! Quite the enigmatic message! I’ll be eagerly anticipating your next adventure and post. Buona fortuna for whatever might be ahead! xo

    • Thank you, Karen. I’ll try to make it interesting! xo

  3. I’ll be right here when you get back, cheering on your new endeavors. Shine On!

    • Thank you, Diane. Likewise!

  4. Next time you go to Europe you should visit Denmark. You’ll be wellcome at my place and maybe I could be you guide to some places in my country……

    • Thank you, Ingrid, That is so generous and kind. Denmark is definitely on the list.

  5. Good luck. Looking forward to reading about your next year’s adventure.

    Safe travels…

    Hortencia from México

    • Many thanks, Hortencia. I appreciate your encouragement.

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