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Moving on from Greece to…

Sunset in Chania

Sunset in Chania, Greece

After several days of suspense, more details unfolded about the potential job in Colorado and it was not to be.  I wonder if the universe is sending me a message: “Don’t go backwards.” Or maybe it’s saying “Screw you. Go broke!”  Or maybe it’s saying something else that I won’t understand until later.  Must have faith.

In any case, when that news came, my path was set.  South Africa it is.  Tomorrow.  I’m excited.

I am so fortunate to have a friend in South Africa.  I met Darren on my first day walking the Camino de Santiago.  After a life-changing experience walking across Spain, Darren left his lucrative job in IT to follow his passion and become a tour guide/dream-maker in Cape Town, South Africa.  Since last June, he’s been working towards this goal and as soon as permits are cleared he will be the proud owner of DCTours, offering all types of unique tours around Cape Town and beyond.  I am proud of him for taking the risks and going for it.  It’s not easy to change your life in such a dramatic way but as he says “it is so worth it”.  I agree.

He is so eager to share his city with me and I feel so lucky to be one of his first visitors.

I was fortunate to find an award ticket from Chania, Greece to Cape Town, South Africa in Business class (!!!) for $67.US and 45,000 United Airlines miles (less than the bonus on one credit card).  That’s awesome.

I embarrassingly admitted to Darren (and now to you) that I am almost a blank slate when it comes to South Africa.  I know almost nothing about it (and as usual I won’t be purchasing a guide book).  Of course I know about Nelson Mandela and something about apartheid but little else.  Much to learn.

So, I invite you to discover it with me.  Let’s go!

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