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Moving Along on Jeju Island, South Korea

Jeju Island

Jeju Island fishing boat.  South Korea

For the first time in the history of mankind, it seems Twitter has served a purpose.  I regularly post my blog updates on Twitter although I don’t really use Twitter in any other way or understand it’s purpose.  But today I got an email from a man who had seen my postings about the Jeju Olle Trail on Twitter.  This man is a volunteer English-speaking representative of the Olle Trail.  He offered to walk some of the routes with me.  Fantastic.

I woke up in a pool of sweat and showered with cold water.  It’s a losing battle, showering.  Unable to dry off, I put on moist clothes and carry on.  Yung Gi and I joined the ladies and children for breakfast and then we went off in different directions.  No surprise that I found myself again at the coffee shop utilizing wifi to try and find a bed for the night.

It took me three coffees to find one.  It seems that the one-month Korean school holiday began yesterday and finding a hostel bed in all of Jeju was quite the challenge.  I did find one for the next two nights.

Everyday when I am experiencing the heat I keep thinking I’ve got to get out of here.  I have looked at options and all seem somewhat daunting and so I procrastinate.  But it’s time to get serious.  Not only will I have a hard time finding lodging for a month, but six weeks is simply too long to visit Jeju.  At least in the summer.  Now I know.

Captain called a cab for me and the whole family accompanied me out to the car.  Handshakes and smiles all around.  And Captain slipped off his beaded bracelet and said “A gift for you”.  Does the kindness have no end?  It’s incredible.

The cab driver seemed to be trying to qualify to race in Nascar.  Holy hell he drove fast.

I arrived at the guesthouse and was greeted by a pale white man from England.  He moved here two years ago with his Korean wife whom he met in Seoul.  Although he was quite awkward, he was very helpful in mapping out places for me to see.  And he told me where to find pizza.  The important things.

I walked around the harbor and saw many fishing boats.  I was especially enchanted with the strings of large light bulbs on their decks.  I gazed at fish in tanks.  And had a green tea latte.  Yum.  And I made arrangements with Jim, the English-speaking volunteer to walk Route 10-1 of the Olle Trail tomorrow, which is on an island south of Jeju.  We will take a ferry at 9 am.

And tomorrow, after walking the trail, I must make a plan.

Photos of the Day:


  1. I love the Port in Jeju photo–such great shapes and colors!

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