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More of my Favorite Travel Photos from 2013. New Zealand, S. Korea, UK, Greece and Cambodia

This is Album II of My Favorite Travel Photos of 2013.  View the first album covering Mexico, Spain, South Korea and New Zealand here.

Abel Tasman National Park
Looking up in Abel Tasman National Park in New Zealandspace
Abel Tasman National Park
A walk in Abel Tasman National Park in New Zealandspace
New Zealand
 Southern New Zealand near Torrent Bayspace
Kaikoura, New Zealand
 Kaikoura, New Zealand on the way to

New Zealand

 Beautiful Southern New Zealand near Milford Soundspace
MIlford Sound
 Near Milford Sound in New Zealandspace
Milford Sound
 Milford Sound, New Zealandspace
Milford Sound
 Milford Sound, New Zealandspace

Jeju Island

 Buddhist Temple on Jeju Island, South Koreaspace
 Braemar Gathering in Scotlandspace
  Now that’s style! Braemar Gathering in Scotlandspace
 Royal Family Paparazzi at the Braemar Gathering in Braemar, Scotlandspace
Isle of Skye
 The little town of Kyleakin, Isle of Skye, Scotlandspace
Fairy pools, Scotland
 Faerie Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotlandspace
Isle of Skye
 Isle of Skye, Scotlandspace
Glastonbury Abbey
 Glastonbury Abbey, Englandspace
Matala, Crete
 Red Beach at Sunset in Matala, Cretespace
Red Beach, Matala
  Cafe at Red Beach in Matala, Cretespace
Crete Sunset over the Libyan Sea. Crete, Greecespace
Greek food
 Best food ever in Crete, Greece!space
Agia Roumeli, Crete
 Hans at the castle above Agia Roumeli.  Crete,
Agia Roumeli, Crete
 Agia Roumeli on a windy day.  Crete, Greecespace
Agia Roumeli, Crete
 Leaving Agia Roumeli behind for now.  Crete, Greecespace
Los Angeles, California
 Jamie in Los Angeles, Californiaspace

New Orleans

 New Orleans with my closest girlfriend.  So nice to be with
New Orleans
 Graffiti in New Orleans, Louisiana, USAspace
 Farmer with cows in
Koh Dach, Cambodia
 Koh Dach, Cambodiaspace
Koh Dach, Cambodia
 Washing cattle in Koh Dach, Cambodiaspace
The Killing Fields
 Bracelets left as a memorial at the Killing Fields in Choeyng Ek, Cambodiaspace
Boy with a marble near Angkor Wat, Cambodia
 Boy with a marble near Angkor Wat, Cambodiaspace
 Angkor Thom
 Stone carvings at Angkor Thom, Cambodiaspace
 Scaffolding in Athens, Greecespace
Athens, Greece
 On a walk in Athens, Greecespace
Athens, Greece
 Storefront in Athens, Greecespace
Chania in the Winter
 Chania, Crete, Greece in Decemberspace

 2013 was an incredible year!

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