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May Wanderings and June Whereabouts

The past month has been a whirlwind of fun and excitement and included another difficult goodbye to my friends and my love in Greece.  While I still love traveling, the necessary goodbyes are getting really old.




In May, my intrepid mother joined me in Molyvos, Greece and after several days there, we flew to Athens to visit the Acropolis, a powerful must-see for any citizen of a democracy.  From Athens, we took a ferry to Crete and I was able to share my favorite places on Earth with my favorite woman.


Traveling with my mother, as I have in Nepal, Spain, Easter Island, and the Peruvian Amazon is always great fun and the memories made can never be taken away even if I end up a bag lady.  Arranging such trips and letting me sweat the details is one small way to thank my mother for raising me (as she continues to do, even as I reach age 48)!


In Athens


On the separate note, while in Lesvos I was happy to be interviewed by Brenden Bolton from the Project Camino podcast.  With some backstory as to how I started traveling, we discuss my personal experience on the Camino de Santiago and some of the lessons learned that I still carry with me.  Speaking in not my forte, but I’m glad I faced the fear and ultimately it was great fun to reminisce and share my Camino experience in the hopes that someone, somewhere will be positively inspired.



I was also pleased to be featured on the UpgradedPoints blog with a short interview about my hobby of travel hacking.


If I’m absent on the blog, you’ll often find me posting short snippets and photos on the Roam Far and Wide Facebook page or on Twitter.  Please join me there.


I might be in California for a bit.  I’m working on the next six-month plan now.  Now, on to writing a longer post.  Stay tuned!


  1. If you find yourself in the Bay Area (remember that???), please call for a visit!

    • Thanks, Karen! Just rushed through recently but hope maybe later this year. 🙂

  2. Thanks for keeping us posted. I’ll be in touch, Laura. ❤️

  3. Would love to see you here in Ireland! Drop in if you get the chance…

    • I’m thinking about how that could happen! Thanks, Diane.

  4. So good to hear from you!

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