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Leaving Tulum. Going to Merida, Mexico.

Chance meeting?

Chance meeting?

I’m kind of burnt (literally, by the sun) out on Tulum and now that the temperatures have cooled a bit I will be moving on to Merida.

Have made some good connections with a couple people here in Tulum: One evening I had two beers with a Mayan local who works at the beach. He is still learning English and I am still learning Spanish, so we did a lot of passing the iphone back and forth, using Google Translate to communicate clearly. Technology is making the world smaller! It was nice just to finally talk with someone local about life. Little connections make a big difference when you have been mostly solitary for weeks.

I’ve had lots of time to think about my future and what my path might be. Not having to work has allowed me to finally have the space to breathe and SLEEP (that has changed my life dramatically). I have been praying in my non-religious way to meet a mentor or two or three. The other day at breakfast, a French woman complimented my dress and that started a conversation. It turns out that she has made travel her life by organizing and leading groups to various spiritual places around the world. She has a particular interest in dolphins and so a lot of her “retreats” are in places with crystal clear blue water and plenty of dolphins. Not bad. Today we met again and she asked if I was organized…to which I wanted to say “Does the Pope wear a funny hat?”. Yes. Tonight we are going out to dinner to discuss a possible working collaboration wherein I would help her reach into the English speaking market and promote her tours (Her website is in French) for a fee.

I am looking forward to learning more about what she needs.

Off to Merida in the morning!


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