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Kathmandu, Nepal

Dust clouds, gods, dirt, children in the street, curry aromas in still air, haze, bricks, unfinished walls, grime, Shiva, red powder, faceless statues, brick, strings of marigold flowers, toothless smiles, stairs, traffic, color, legends, resilience, chickens, injury, brain drain, loads on bent backs, cows, “trust me”, glowing butter candles, heat, despair, Namaste!, smokestacks, goddesses, wood carvings, limping dogs, spinning prayer wheels, passivity, incense, dirty rivers, prayers, burning trash, crumbling, stupas, yelling, glue-huffing children, shovels not bulldozers, potential, rolling suitcases, toothaches, near misses, bright paint, castes, toxic fumes, families on motorcycles, gates, superstition, clothes-washing in the fountain, mange, lucky numbers, milk tea, child labor, disaster, America-envy, sacrifice, pizza, darkness, fear, history, missing legs, dead ends, patience, Buddha, dal bhat, charity, timelessness, fire, gilded sculpture, coughing, powerlessness, trekking gear, warding off evil, waving prayer flags, monkeys, mountains obscured by smog, long hair, temples, hopes, backpackers, empty restaurants, school uniforms, goats, blackouts, sleeping dogs, rip-offs, dreadlocked white kids, horns blaring, squealing brakes, waiting, bells, dreamers, midnight crows calling, corruption, rickshaws with bent wheels, tired faces, tourist traps, fake smiles for dollars, sprawl, water shortages, fuel shortages, karma, resigned, accepting, death, meat on hooks, chanting, burning eyes.  All at once.  Kathmandu.


Kathmandu is everything and more.

Photo Gallery of Kathmandu:

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  1. Describing extraordinary things calls for extraordinary ways of explaining. Well done in my opinion.

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