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It’s been a long time.

Crete, Greece

Crete, Greece

Forgive me friends.  Crete stole my  heart.  And my ability to write.

Forgive me for my lack of posting.  Never before have I been so tongue-tied by a country, so utterly enraptured in every moment  – overflowing with juicy hedonistic experiences, wild boundless beauty and inspiring company.  While there, to even attempt to capture the essence of my days in writing seemed as daunting as trying to capture a tidal wave in a Dixie cup.  From the moment I arrived until the moment I left the universe provided a bounty of fabulous experiences that would not let up.  And I loved every minute of it.

Fortunately, while there, I took notes everyday in the hopes that when I did find time to write it might inspire you to visit too.  I hope so.  For your sake.

I will now attempt, bit by bit, to share some of my experiences with this fabulous island.  Perhaps it goes without saying but, to date, Crete is my favorite destination.

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  1. Hallelujah!

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