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Inverness to Kyleakin, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Inverness, Scotland

Inverness, Scotland

Inverness, Scotland

I’m sad to say I didn’t see much of Inverness.  It was cold and rainy.  The hostel I stayed in, which admittedly was the cheapest available in the city, was also the grossest I’ve ever been in and felt more like a halfway house than a hostel.  I was in a 10-bed room and the room door creaked like it was auditioning for a haunted house.  Not a haven for quality sleep.

One morning, half-asleep, I went across the room to plug in my computer in the one existing outlet.  I then left the room to get coffee.  When I returned, my brain went wacko and I completely forgot that I had moved my computer across the room.  Not seeing the computer on my bed,  I instantly assumed theft (remember, halfway house) and in seconds started interrogating everyone in my room, and the hallway, and the kitchen.  God have mercy on me for grilling two fresh-faced innocent boys from Belgium, who offered to let me search their bags.  Finally, one girl said to me “Didn’t you plug it in across the room?” and it was like the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.  The blood drained from my face.  In total embarrassment and total shock about my own confusion, my head fell and I turned away, speechless.  I should have apologized to thirty people but I was splintered with shame.  If I silently walk away can we all just pretend this never happened?  The next 15 minutes passed while I shook like a chihuahua.  Within two hours I was sick with a cold.   For the next two days, I failed to go out except to get food.  I had once again hit the wall of travel fatigue.

Finally, I mustered up the strength to move on to Kyleakin, on the Isle of Skye, via bus.  Note: If you are traveling around Scotland by public transportation, this website is very helpful giving train, bus, and ferry schedules and route planning.  The route ran on a windy road beside Loch Ness for about an hour.

About Kyleakin, Isle of Skye

Kyleakin, Scotland

Kyleakin, Scotland

Kyleakin is a tiny village immediately on the other side of the Skye Bridge which was constructed in 1995 (the first time the Isle of Skye was connected to mainland Scotland since the Ice Age!).  Prior to that, since the 1600’s, a ferry operated between mainland Scotland and Kyleakin (the entry village to the Isle of Skye).  Now, with no ferry, it subsists as a rest stop for tourists and a fishing village.

In the background of Kyleakin are the ruins of Castle Moil, built by a Norse Princess nicknamed “Saucy Mary”.  Evidently, she levied exorbitant tolls on ships passing through the narrows in front of her castle and in order to make the tax less painful, she performed a striptease of sorts for the sailors as they passed by.  Saucy indeed!  Legend has it that she was buried on a tall mountain nearby so the winds of Norway would pass over her.

In Kyleakin, there are a couple B&Bs, a few restaurants, Syke Backpackers hostel (which was very nice) and Saucy Mary’s which is a backpackers guesthouse and a bar and restaurant.

And I have recovered from my cold.  The sun in now shining again.  I’m happy.

Pictures of Inverness and Kyleakin, Scotland:


  1. And you will never forget that experience in Inverness as much as you try! Disappear, disappear, disappear! Oooooo, I feel you on that, yikes. Hopefully everyone had been there. I had some awful hostel experiences in Ireland, well one mainly where I got scabies. Fun!

    • I have yet to pick up any critters but I know my day will come!

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