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I’m Drawing Again! News from Crete, Greece

Dancers - Copyright 2014

Dancers – Copyright 2014

It’s been years since I’ve been inspired to draw.  This has pained me.  The intent has been there, and the desire, but nothing has flowed.  It seemed the well was dry.

But suddenly last week in Agia Roumeli, an idea hit me and I drew it.  And then another and another.  It felt like magic.  Almost effortless.  Through my hands the drawings flowed.  And justified the fact that I’ve been carrying ten pounds of art supplies all over the world for the last five months.  My spine hates art.

I don’t know how long it will last and I won’t ask.  My creativity seems to be a very prickly being that does not like questions or seriousness.  So be it.  No questions.  No expectations.  It’s a one-way street of communication; a bad relationship in any other context, but in this case, I’ll take it and bow down humbly.

Besides being great for my spirit, I’m hoping this creative windfall might also help fund my continued travels.  This month I’ll be getting my art website back in order and next month all originals and prints will be for sale.  As always, your support, whether monetary or not, is appreciated.

It feels good to have the creative spirit move through me again.  I’m very thankful.


Photos of Recent Artwork:



  1. Wow Laura – you are good!! You definitely should be making money from this artwork. I love it. I wish I had some money – I’d buy two or three. You’re an inspiration.
    Take good care.

    • Thanks so much Cecelia!

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