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The Graffiti of Athens, Greece: Unbridled Expression

The graffiti in Athens is unparalleled.  I’ve never encountered a city with more graffiti than Athens, although Berlin and Buenos Aires are close second contenders.


Athens, Greece Graffiti


Nearly every inch of wall space has been beautified or vandalized, depending on your perspective.


Athens, Greece Graffiti


Evidently, the police have more pressing concerns than apprehending graffiti artists. With authorities turning a blind eye, the entire city of Athens has become a canvas.


Athens, Greece Graffiti


While some graffiti is the work of ego-driven taggers, it’s easy to stumble across artistic gems which display talent, political messages, and frustration.




“Graffiti” is derived from the Greek word “graphein” meaning “to write”.  And write they do!


Graffiti in Athens


Perhaps, it’s fitting that in this city, the birthplace of democracy 2500 years ago, the free expression of people continues in such a loud and confronting way.


Street Art in Athens

Gallery of Graffiti in Athens, Greece:

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