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From Kathmandu to Pokhara, Nepal

Boats on Phewa Lake, Pokhara, Nepal

Boats on Phewa Lake in Pokhara, Nepal

I awake early to meet Kaji.  We have a flight to catch at 7 a.m.

A taxi takes us through Kathmandu to the airport.  At 6 a.m., the city is awake.  Women sweep the streets, people carry impossibly large bundles on their backs to market, children in school uniforms cross busy streets.  The smog over the city is thick and brown.

My cough, developed in Kathmandu, is awful.  A migraine headache follows.

Arriving at the airport, Kaji begins chanting Buddhist prayers softly.  Great.

We board our flight on Buddha Air, a 20-seat prop plane.  I pray.

The flight is short and offers the most incredible views of the Himalayas.  Jaw-dropping beauty.

We arrive safely in Pokhara, the second largest city in Nepal.  It’s far cleaner than Kathmandu and surrounded by spectacular views of the Himalayas.  It’s a tourist-centric city with accommodations catering to Europeans.  Signs everywhere declare “Western toilets!”, “Free wifi!”, and “Organic coffee!”.  Young white people with dreadlocks hang out in cafes.  I’m told many arrive here and never leave – it’s beautiful and cheap by European standards – a backpackers dream.

I find it easier to breathe within hours of arrival.  Thankfully, my migraine disappears by nightfall.  Tomorrow, we trek.

Photos of the Day:


  1. Hi Laura – got thinking about you and am now following your blog. Quite the adventure you’re having!! Your photographs are beautiful!!! Really outstanding! I have a couple of friends – old broads like me – who hiked up to the base camp last fall. It sounds like an amazing trip!
    Me – I’m taking courses like How To Set up a Money-Making website. It looks like you could be doing a whole lot more to monetize your blog (as the expression goes). It’s such a good one.
    Take care!!
    Cecelia (from last spring’s camino trip)

    • Well helllooo Cecelia! So nice to reunite with you here. Thanks for the compliments about the photos. You are stronger than I having made it to base camp…I did the foothills of Nepal and found it very difficult.
      I think you’re right about “monetizing” my site. Open to any suggestions!
      You take care too!

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