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Friendship and Fun in Glastonbury, England

Good walk in Glastonbury, England

A great walk to the Tor in Glastonbury, England

My apologies to my loyal readers for not writing for nearly two weeks.  I have been knee-deep in fun!

My week in Glastonbury was a real treat.  The sights were amazing but my biggest joy came from being with Jayne, a friend I met on the Camino.

I soaked up every moment of the nurturing she provided.  We had many good talks and walks, went out to several pubs and listened to fabulous music until way past our bedtimes, enjoyed good food and wine, visited the Wells Cathedral, climbed to the Tor, laughed and cried and everything in between.

After so many months alone, I can not emphasize fully how great it was to interact with another human with the shared experience of the Camino, especially Jayne, who has great stories and wisdom.  I enjoyed every minute of it.

About Glastonbury

Glastonbury is a small village in Somerset, England.   It has been inhabited since the Stone Age.  The town is steeped in legend, character and history.  Glastonbury Abbey sits at it’s heart, the legendary burial site of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere.  It is also one of the first sites of Christianity in Europe with legend suggesting that Joseph of Arimathea (Jesus’ uncle) visited and may have brought his nephew with him.  The Tor (The Isle of Avalon) provides a backdrop for the village.

The small village is loaded with mystics and seekers.  You can’t walk ten feet down the main street without seeing a sign for psychic readings, The Goddess Temple, tarot readings, or some sort of mystic business.  One could pass the days easily just observing the colorful characters that are drawn to this place.

Photos of Glastonbury, England:




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