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Milford Sound Made Me Sick.

Amazed and weary Laura

I took a day trip from Queenstown to Fiordland National Park which included a 100-minute cruise on Milford Sound.

The weather was nearly perfect and especially considering that it’s now winter, I got really lucky. I arranged the trip through which offers pretty big discounts on bus trips as well as activities.

There are no words.  I was simply awestruck by the beauty in every direction, the towering snowy peaks, the crystal blue lakes, the reflective pools, the jade green and teal blue rivers, the waterfalls that plunged from thousands of feet up, the silky fur seals sleeping on the rocks, the bottle-nose dolphins that frolicked in the wake of the ship, the sheer rock walls that disappeared into the clouds, and on and on and on.

Wow. Wow. WOW.

Like eating a whole cake at once, it made me sick.  By the end of the day,  I couldn’t take anymore.   I was overloaded with beauty!  Can you imagine?!  Yeah.  One more silvery, sparkling waterfall.  Right.  Magical jagged peaks enshrouded in mist.  Yeah.  Primeval forests with thousands of different species of plant life in one square foot.  Enough.  My stomach hurt.  I literally spent the last half-hour of the cruise staring down at the ship’s deck.  Overloaded.

This was absolutely the highlight of my trip to New Zealand.  If you’re coming to New Zealand, visiting Fiordland National Park and Milford Sound are MUST DOS.  But, don’t eat be like me and eat the whole cake in one sitting.  Spend some time if you can.  It’s certainly a place that deserves to be savored and enjoyed.

I am so thankful I got a chance to see it.  I hope you will too.

Photos of the Fiordland and Milford Sound:

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