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Exploring Cala Rajada, Mallorca, Spain

Sea glass.  And lots of it.

Sea glass. And lots of it.

Another day of gorging on a “complimentary” breakfast.  I can barely walk the two flights of marble steps to the dining room due to muscle fatigue.  Jamie is doing better.

We spend most of the morning in bed, trying to heal from the previous two days.

Caja Rajada (also spelled Cala Ratjada) is a resort town  in the north-east corner of Mallorca.  It is just springing to life after the dormancy of winter.  Many shops are still closed.  It’s a playground for Germans.  Every menu and sign is in German.  “Biergartens” are abundant. “Danka Schoen” is spoken more than “Gracias”.   Not an American to be found.   It’s a port town with working fishing boats in the harbor and many high end shops ready to take the euros of the affluent tourist.  And a crystal clear blue sea.

We spend the afternoon, walking the promenade beside the water, leaving the path to explore tide-pools along the rocky coast.  The shore is made of sharp and jagged lava rocks so each step is precarious.  We see spiny sea urchins, sea snails, spider crabs, and tiny shrimp in the crystal clear tide-pools.  We befriend a coastal cat kept alive by anonymous donations of kibble on the sea wall.  I am comforted by the fact that the cat has his ear clipped, a sign that a neutering program is in place to prevent overpopulation and therefore suffering of cats.

We are not in a budget destination and it has taken some time for us to realize that the whole of Mallorca is a playground for the rich and our “luck” in finding cheaper accommodations is merely a fact of our timing – we are about a month early – before the masses arrive.  So for the budget minded – April is a great time to visit Mallorca – the weather is beautiful and not too hot and the prices of accommodations are somewhat affordable.

Due to the expense and the heavy tourist vibe, I don’t think we’d return here, but it is worth a visit for a day or two.

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  1. Hi! I am headed to Mallorca with my sister in June and was wondering if you would be willing to share any tips you found helpful on your trip? We are both in love with sea glass hunting so we were wondering if you were also ‘looking’ while you were there or just happened to stumble upon it? We were wondering were would be best to stay on the island too. Thanks!

    • Hi Shana,
      I don’t have any tips other than spend at least two days in Palma because it’s very beautiful and there is a lot to see. We were there in the off season, hardly any tourists around, so I can’t say how it might be in June. In case you don’t know, it is heavily touristed by Germans, so expect that. We thought Arta was BEAUTIFUL and would have liked to spend a couple days there too but it was too expensive for us. I easily found beach glass in Cala Rajada where we stayed at Hostal Cas Bombu which we found nice. Cala Figuera was probably our favorite place and we enjoyed staying there at Hostal Marblau. It’s a beautiful place. I think you’ll really enjoy it.

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