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European Peace Walk: Day 7: Sopronkövesd, Hungary to Koszeg, Hungary

Honesty box on the street

Honesty box on the street of Koszeg, Hungary

I can not report about the walk today because I wimped out and took the bus. Six out of eight of us took the bus because of general exhaustion, illness, and blisters.  I had none of these issues but wimped out because I wanted to explore the beautiful city of Kőszeg, Hungary and knew that if I walked the 28 kilometers (17.3 miles) to Kőszeg, I would have no energy to see the city.  Based on the reports of the two that walked, I was happy with my choice.

One walker got lost and despite leaving at 8 AM, was still hours away from Koszeg at sundown.  He was fortunate to receive a lift to the city by a friendly local.  The other walker also left at 8 AM, took no breaks from walking and did not arrive until about 6:30 PM.  Both were sure that although the guide “book” says the walk is 28 kilometers (17.3 miles), that it was at least 40 kilometers (25 miles).  That’s a helluva long day for anyone.  And who wants to sightsee after that?

Koszeg is the most-well preserved city in Hungary because it was spared during WW II.  It’s full of centuries of history and architecture and lots of outdoor cafes.  Nice place to chill out for a day.

Thank you to Christopher Zonta for sponsoring today’s experience and this post.

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Distance I Didn’t Walk Today: Guidebook says 28 kilometers (17.3 miles)+ but in reality closer to 40 kilometers.

European Peace Walk – Day 7 Tips

Tip: When the guide book says “and from here, downhill into Kőszeg!“, be prepared to walk another four hours or about 16 kilometers.  Senja reports that after the town of Olmod it is still an additional four hours of walking. She believes the walk is closer to 40 kilometers.

Tip: In the first couple hours, if you get to beehives at a “T” in the path, turn around and go back. You’ve gone too far.

Tip: If taking the bus, it is free if you’re over 65.  Otherwise it cost 750 forints.  The wonderful volunteers in Sopronkövesd will make sure you get the right bus.

Tip: There are no toilets, no fountains.  Bring toilet paper or baby wipes.

Accommodation:The cost is 10 euros per person.  Several rooms with several beds in each. Because our group was small we each had our own room.  Unisex bathroom. Pillowcases and blankets provided. No sheets provided.  Baggage transfer: No Laundry: No. Dinner: Not provided. Wi-fi: None, but can be found in town. Breakfast: none.

Photos of Day 7 of the European Peace Walk (click to view):

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