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European Peace Walk: Day 13: Lenti, Hungary to Zasadbreg, Croatia

Denis Hotel in Lenti, Hungary

Denis Hotel in Lenti, Hungary

I missed this day of the Peace Walk completely because I stayed behind in Lenti, Hungary.

Three (of eleven) left early this morning to walk.  Mike from Texas left with John and Senja and I stayed behind with Gerard and Paulien so the group numbers stay the same.  The others took a taxi to the next destination in Zasadbreg, Croatia.

Gerard and Paulien (from Belgium) are a wonderful couple with interesting stories and a practical attitude which I enjoy.  Sadly, they are not enjoying the walk and have decided to stop and go home in two days.  Disappointment abounds.

Paulien and I talk about boundaries and the importance of recognizing them. And the metaphor that this Peace Walk presents: On a daily basis we’ve been crossing the boundaries of countries but also personal boundaries, including boundaries for what we find acceptable.  I accept a challenge any day, but this walk is proving to be no fun at all, potentially dangerous, and more importantly, without benefit to myself or humanity.  Boundaries are about knowing when “enough is enough”.

I’m there.

Thank you to Jenny & Charley Wickman for sponsoring today’s experience and this post.

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Distance I Didn’t Walk Today: 24 kilometers (14.9 miles)

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