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European Peace Walk: Day 12: Szentgyogyvolgy, Hungary to Lenti, Hungary

Morning walk to the bus in Lenti

Morning walk to the bus in Lenti.

The entire group, except the most dedicated Senja, decides to take the bus again today.  With high temperatures, nobody else seems willing to expose themselves to the risk of heat stroke for more fields.

The only bus to Lenti leaves early.  We meet at 6:30 AM and walk one kilometer together in the morning mist.

We see more architecture and activity on this half-hour bus ride than we have since our day in beautiful Koszeg.  Like school kids on a field trip, everyone perks up.

Arriving in Lenti, we break off into two groups.  My group is “Team Breakfast” and we set out to satisfy our appetite.  We happen upon a wonderful place that serves eggs with yolks as orange as a pumpkin and coffee that looks as beautiful as it tastes.  It’s wonderful to be in a city.

We find Hotel Denis, our most expensive accommodation yet (around $25US/night) and the lap of luxury with beds, sheets, pillows, blankets, hot showers, wifi and things to do within a short walk.

Cappuccino in Lenti!

Cappuccino in Lenti.  So good.

Here we meet Mike from Texas, USA and Gerard and Paulien from Belgium – all PeaceWalkers who were originally behind us but wisely skipped through the hot stretches of Day 9, 10, and 11.  All three previously walked (and enjoyed) the Camino de Santiago.  All three are fit and strong.  And all three are finding this walk challenging to put it diplomatically.

As the afternoon goes on, my worry for Senja grows.  It’s incredibly hot (35C/95F) for walking.  Especially with a pack, which she will not relinquish.  I hope, for her sake, the walk will be worthwhile but in these temperatures it’s guaranteed not to be enjoyable.

Around 3 PM (hallelujah) she appears and is greeted with a round of applause.  She is understandably exhausted and over-heated.  I show her to our shared room.

As the only walking PeaceWalker of the day I must rely on her report of Day 12 of the European Peace Walk:

“That was the worst day yet.  It was hell.”

Damn.  Too bad I missed it.

I decide to stay another day in Lenti and let the group go on.  I have to figure out a new plan and I need time and space to do that.

Thank you to Nicole Mcgrath for sponsoring today’s walk and this post.

Distance I Didn’t Walk Today: 21 kilometers (13 miles)

[mappress mapid=”21″]

Photos of Day 12 of the European Peace Walk (click to view):


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