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Elephant Encounters in Knysna Elephant Park, South Africa

Elephants playing

Elephants playing

Amazing Day at Knysna Elephant Park

We made a visit to Knysna Elephant Park also located on the Garden Route near Plettenberg Bay.  The elephants here were rescued from culling programs or as orphans after their mothers were poached.  The park offers the unique experience of being able to touch, walk with, and feed African Elephants.

At one point, the guide asked if anyone in the group wanted a hug from an elephant.  Naturally, I stepped up because I’ll take any action I can get these days.

What I didn’t anticipate was the incredible weight of the trunk, despite the elephant placing her truck gingerly around my shoulders.  Our guide said that elephants have 100,000 muscles in their trunks.  My neck and shoulders can substantiate this.  Rob and Darren were asking me to smile for a picture and I could barely lift my head or keep my knees from buckling!

What struck me most was how quiet these elephants were despite their size.  They walk almost silently.  Being close to one (under these conditions) was a calming experience.  One can only have awe.

Photos of Knysna Elephant Park:

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