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The Doors of Merida, Mexico

The doors of Merida, Mexico are a treasure trove of visual candy.  Most of Merida’s historic area was built in the Spanish colonial style, with a Yucatanean twist (courtyards with kitchens in the center of the building so the cooking would not add to the sweltering temperatures).


Door in Merida

The door of a mechanic’s shop in Merida, Mexico.


Everywhere, the colonial architecture is crumbling. Expats are pouring money into revitalizing these old homes. But, it’s the crumbling facades that most interest me; so much character and history in these old doors that reflect not only the wealth, the style and the tastes of the builders but also the creative spirit.


I wonder who has walked through these doors?  And all the stories that have taken place behind them.


Doors of Merida, Mexico:

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