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Crete, Greece: I left my heart.

Saying goodbye to Hans

Saying goodbye to Hans.

Hans decides to move on, never one to stay anywhere long.  I watch as his ferry pulls away from the dock in Agia Roumeli and I am tearful because I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet him.

I spend a couple more days enjoying the village before I myself am on that ferry, on my way back to Chania.

The morning of my departure, the owner of the hotel tells me I must come back for Easterdays, a four-day Easter celebration in Agia Roumeli that involves family members returning home to the village, lots of gun-shooting, feasting, drinking, dancing, singing, and all around revelry.  I vow to return for this.

Back in Chania, I check into the same hotel where my whole adventure started.  My mind spins with memories.  Each day on Crete was so rich, so overwhelming, so hedonistic, so beautiful.  My heart breaks to leave but I have commitments back in the United States.  I promise myself to return just as soon as possible.

In all my traveling, Crete is the place I love the most.

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