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Images from Chania’s Old Town in Crete, Greece

The Beauty of Chania’s Old Town

Since 3000 B.C., Chania has been a thriving city on the northern coast of Crete.  The photos that follow are from a three-hour stroll through the back streets of the old town.  The streets were delightfully devoid of tourists and fun to get lost in.


Chania's old town - beautiful colors!

Love the colors everywhere in Chania’s Old Town


Photo of a restaurant in Chania's Old Town

A nice setting for eating.


Photo of a door with photos from Athens in Chania's old town

A door with photos of ancient Greece.


Image of Ancient walls with a millstone in Chania's old town

Ancient fortification walls with millstones.


Archeology in Chania's Old Town

Three thousand-year-old ruins beside modern buildings.


Cats are everywhere in Chania's Old Town

Cats are everywhere in Chania. Fortunately, so are food bowls, unlike in Santorini.


Photo of carnation flowers in the street of Chania's old town for name day.

Flowers in the street for “Helene and Kostas” name day. Greeks don’t celebrate birthdays, but only the day you are named for.


Beautiful door with olive trees in Chania's old town

Beautiful old door with olive trees


Jasmine growing out of blue pot.

Jasmine growing out of blue pot. The whole alley smelled delicious.


Old walls are so pretty to me.

Old walls can be abstractly beautiful.


Deserted block in old town.

Deserted block in the old town of Chania.


Bougainvillea is in full bloom.

Bougainvillea is in full bloom.


Chania's Old Town

The beauty of decay.


Chania Old Town

Broken plaster from hundreds of years.


Abandoned building with clothes still drying in the window.

Abandoned building with clothes still drying outside the door.


The restored and new beside the old.

The restored beside the old and decaying in Chania’s Old Town.


Venetian and Turkish architecture in old town.

A mix of architecture in Old Town.


The men hang out in the parks and cafes all day.

Greek men and tourists hang out in the parks and cafes all day.


Ancient door on a ruined building.

Ancient door on a nearly ruined building.


A doorway with ventilation windows now in ruins.

A doorway with ventilation windows above, now in ruins.


These buildings are falling towards each other. Metal bars prevent collapse for now.

These buildings are falling towards each other. Metal bars prevent a collapse for now.


Chania's old town

So many layers of plaster.  How many lives?  Who were the people that applied each layer?


White Bougainvillea

White Bougainvillea


Chania's old town

Back alley in old town.


Chania's old town

How many have walked under this arch?


Chania's old town

An ancient arch, newly plastered, with a plant taking hold.


Chania's old town

Fresh sheets hanging to dry.


Roses are in full bloom now.

Roses are in full bloom now. These smelled incredible!


Chania's old town

Chania’s harbor with its 12th-Century Venetian-built shipyard in the forefront and the White Mountains in back.  The buildings were built between 1461 and 1599 for shipbuilding and repair for the Eastern Mediterranean Venetian Fleet. Originally there were seventeen of these massive structures but due to the German’s bombing in 1941, there are now only seven.


Chania's old town

Another view of Chania’s Venetian harbor. Still some snow on the mountains in late May.


Chania's old town

Ancient chain on the walkway to the Venetian lighthouse


Chania's old town

Venetian Stairs leading down to the port from the old town of Chania. The stair-steps are wide and made especially so donkeys could put all four feet on each step before taking another step.


Chania's Old Town

Graffiti in Chania


Chania's old town.

Cats don’t care about archeology. Taking a poop on 5000-year-old ruins.  He did some digging too.


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  1. Interesting palette of colours and textures.

  2. Love reading about your travels…Love these picture!!! Sending much hugs and God Bless

    • Thanks Ofelia. Glad you’re traveling with me.

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