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Camino de Santiago, Day 7: Pamplona to Uterga

Hooray for an Easy Day!

Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago

It was hard to get going today because we had lost momentum.  It took about an hour to get it back.  We didn’t get started till a very late 9 am.

Leaving Pamplona we saw a pilgrim going the wrong way and redirected him.  This was our introduction to Mark, from Barcelona;  35 years old, and super nice + hilarious.  We walked with him for a good while, got separated, and re-met in the next town for a beer.

There was a tense moment when Jamie thought he threw his back out (Have I mentioned our backpacks are way too heavy?).  Two Aleve (my saving grace) and a beer seemed to help.

We made a slow ascent towards windmills at the top of the mountain.  When we arrived there we were surprised to see the sculpture that is often used to represent the Camino.  I thought it was much further along.  From the top of the mountain, we could see Pamplona in the distance – a very small city.  Only 700 more kilometers to Santiago!

We then descended for a while on trails covered with river stones.  Not so easy on the feet.

I felt like we arrived in the tiny village of Uterga so quickly.  We had walked 17.5 kilometers (10.8 miles), but after some really tough days, this one was a breeze.  Fortunately, the only refuge in town still had two beds available for 10 euros a night/each.

Since it was only 2 pm, we had lots of time to talk with other pilgrims: Michelle from France, Yana from Germany, Thomas from Denmark.  And our friends Dot and John from Pamplona are here too.  We also saw Ashley from Australia today.

Tomorrow, depending on the condition of Jamie’s back, I am hoping we can walk to Estella which would be about 30 kilometers or 18 miles.  I think I can do it. 

The Condition of my Feet

Laura's feet

Laura’s feet

Laura's feet

Laura’s feet

My feet have some problems.  Everyone on the Camino has some sort of physical problem by now, so I’m not alone.  As you can see, my big toe on my left foot is an asshole and thinks it’s fine to push around the little guys.  So I have to put a spacer in between to keep the bully away from the kids.  In addition, I have band-aids, Vaseline, and the best trick yet, pantyliners, wrapped around the ball of the foot.  With a morning dose of Aleve, this combo provides a good deal of pain relief.  I am well enough to want to walk 18 miles tomorrow or maybe just a masochist.  You decide.

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