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Camino de Santiago, Day 5 & 6: Pamplona, Spain

New friends

New friends on the Camino

Our first night in Pamplona we didn’t sleep five minutes.  The refuge houses over 100 people under one roof of an old church and there was a snorer that single-nosedly kept 109 people awake all night while he slept like a baby.  I felt like killing.  The next morning we decided we needed a good shower, a good bed, rest and time for our bodies to heal from the 42 miles (67.5 kilometers) we had walked in the previous four days.

We found Hostal Bearan in the old town of Pamplona and it suited us perfectly for 40 euros a night.  We have a balcony overlooking the busy cobblestone streets and a clean room.  Within an hour of checking in, we decided to stay for two days.  We finally had a chance to wash our stinky clothes and regroup.

Today, we had breakfast at 2 pm!  We happened into Cafe Iruna in the Plaza de Castillo.  It turns out this is the cafe where Hemingway spent many a day writing The Sun Also Rises.  It’s a beautiful place – you must have a peek in if you get to Pamplona.  Later, we were walking in the plaza and a couple called out to us.  It was Dot and John, a couple in their late 70’s from Indiana who are also walking the Camino.  We had talked to them before, but didn’t know their names.  An impressive duo.  The Camino has a way of making new friendships feel strong.  Dot suggested we have a beer and we returned to Cafe Iruna where we shared life stories (they owned and operated a winery for thirty years, among other things).  What a joy to spend time with people.  As an adult, it is so hard to make friends.  And yet, here on the Camino, it is so easy.

Tomorrow, we are on our way to Uterga.

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