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Camino de Santiago, Day 44: Ventas de Narón to Melide

Taxi sign on the Camino

Coincidence that the taxi temptation for the pilgrim starts with the number 666?! I think not!

A sunny day today.  Jamie’s hip is much better.  We had morning coffee at a cafe with giant ant sculptures.  Quite a surprise in a teeny-tiny village.

We had only gotten halfway to our goal by noon (10 am is much better).  At that point, my feet were hurting quite a bit.  Jamie went ahead.

More shady trails which were most welcome and lots of eucalyptus trees that brought back vivid childhood memories of free weekend concerts in Stern Grove in San Francisco.  What an intoxicating fragrance.

We both really had to push ourselves to make it to Melide.  But, we did it!  Melide seems like a big city compared to where we have been lately.

We found a falafel place much to my delight and washed our clothes in a real washing machine for the first time in… five weeks.  Very exciting stuff.

A butterfly tried to trip me today and almost caused me a rolled ankle.  I realize that sounds implausible and you’re right.  It was actually two butterlies.  They were playing some game of chase with each other at my knees and I tried not to crush them with my swiftly moving legs thereby nearly running myself off the road.  Butterflies can be real assholes sometimes.  You have to watch their every move.

Today we walked 26.2 kilometers (a bit over 16 miles). Only 51 miles to go before we reach Santiago!

Photos of the Walk from Ventas de Narón to Melide:

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  1. image 3….love it. love the satanic taxi drivers and asshole butterflies as well. your pictures are great and as much as i love se asia, it’s quite difficult to get as close to nature as you have been to it these past couple of months….

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