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Camino de Santiago, Day 29 & 30: Arcahueja to Leon

Jamie and Laura

Jamie and Laura

Jamie and I got a slow start.  There was no need to rush.  We only wanted to go to Leon, 8 kilometers (5 miles) away.  A breeze.  We arrived in Leon and had a beer while we searched for a hotel online.

Did you know that you get better deals online (and better rooms) as compared to walking into a hotel in person and asking for a room?  It’s true.  Several times, I have walked into a hotel to ask for the nightly rate, been dissatisfied with the answer, walked to a cafe next door for wifi access, booked a room in that same hotel, and returned with my reservation 15 minutes later, having saved at least 30% on the price.

I use several sites to find deals but my favorite is HotelsCombined, which aggregates the results of several other sites.  And better rooms are to be had because the hotels know that if you book online, you are more likely to review their hotel online.  Therefore, you are more likely to get that balcony or that great view and not the room in the basement.

The trail was far from scenic but we were still discussing our past week so it didn’t much matter.

Leon is a large city with a major cathedral known for its stained glass.  Plenty to explore.  If only I could find a falafel sandwich…(my latest craving).

Photos of the Day:

Today we walked only 8 kilometers (five miles).

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  1. Hi Laura…Thru a recent email with Anita I learned of your adventure. I went back thru the archives and have followed you every inch of the way. I find the “Camino” entries of particular interest since Ed and I had two weeks touring northern Spain. It was a glorious trip HOWEVER we did by air conditioned tour bus…(oh! the hardship!)I feel happy for you now that your feet are apparently healthy again. You have an adventurous, brave, resilient spirit and I am a big admirer of your setting a goal and making it a reality. Good luck on the balance of your trip…I am looking forward to your entries.

    Love, Connie

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