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Camino de Santiago, Day 11: Viana to Logronos

Entering La Rioja Province

Entering La Rioja Province

We had a short day because my feet were so painful with blisters.  Fortunately, the walk was flat and dry and I was able to wear Crocs the whole way.  No way, no how, could I have worn my boots.

We left the Navarra Province of Spain and are now in the La Rioja Province, famous for red wine.

In comparison to previous days, the scenery was drab.  The Camino paralleled major streets and freeways and went through the industrial area of Logronos.  So few pictures as a result.

Walking into town over the bridge we noticed stork nests and storks flying overhead.  I haven’t seen a stork in my whole life (at least not since I was delivered in a bundle to my mother).  Their nests are six feet across and as tall as they are wide!

We booked a hotel for the next two nights because my feet need to heal and Jamie needs wine.

The hotel is fabulous and relatively cheap.  The best part: a tub which we both used for good long soaks. Heaven.

And then a day of writing and catching up with “real world” chores.

I am looking forward to another day of rest tomorrow.  REALLY looking forward to it.

Today we walked a puny 10 kilometers (6.2 miles).

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  1. Haha, Jamie needs wine. Blame it on him.

    You’ve heard it said, “friends don’t let friends wear Crocs.” However, sometimes they are useful. They saved me one year at TJ’s.

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