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A Day in Wells, England and Wells Cathedral

Jayne and I had an excellent day in Wells, England just a short drive away from Glastonbury.  We enjoyed a lovely breakfast, walked around the open market and the bishop’s palace (surrounded by a moat formed by the Wells Springs which gave the city its name) and visited the Wells Cathedral (construction beginning in 1175).  This is an incredible cathedral and if you are ever in the area of Somerset, England it is a must see.

Photos of Wells, England and Wells Cathedral:


  1. These pics are bringing back bad memories! I did far too much solo traveling around the UK….in the winter…hiking hills in Edinburgh, walking around awesome deserted castles in Wales and Scotland and not meeting cool people. Bad memories, go back to where you came from, gaaaaaaaaaa!

    • So not a great experience for you either? I’ve found that when traveling, meeting the right people, or not, makes all the difference. I was fortunate to have Jayne with me which made it fun.

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