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A Day in Athens, Greece


I had an 11-hour layover in Athens, Greece on my journey from Phnom Penh, Cambodia to Chania, Crete, Greece.  I actually chose that long layover because I wanted a day in Athens to explore a bit.  Learn how to enjoy your long layover in Athens.


Honestly, I was so relieved to get out of Cambodia.  My journey to the airport was insane and solidified my feelings about the country.  If I never return, it will be too soon.


Hadrian's Arch, built in 131 AD

Enjoying a day in Athens on a long layover.


In Athens, I got lucky with a beautiful warm day on December 26th.  Turns out, the day after Christmas is a holiday for Greeks and so I wasn’t able to get into the major tourist attractions like the Acropolis.  But that didn’t matter much as I generally like the alleyways more than the “sights”.  It was fun to see so many families out and about just enjoying a walk together.


It’s funny that when I was in Greece in October I thought Greeks were the craziest drivers.  After Cambodia, I think Greek driving is positively mundane.  It’s all relative.


Athens seemed incredibly clean to me although graffiti is everywhere.  Some of it is quite beautiful.


Photos of my Day in Athens, Greece:


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